The Harbor

Kaap de Groene Hoop is a sustainable harbor featuring twenty urban rak’s for entrepreneurs with a captivating ship and a green state of mind. Set in the heart of the lively NDSM Wharf, Kaap de Groene Hoop stimulates zero-emission transport welcoming wind powered vessels to load and unload while simultaneously the nautical métier, inextricably linked to Amsterdam, is preserved on floating workplaces. Above all, Kaap de Groene Hoop is a cheerful quay for all Amsterdammers to enjoy a lazy Sunday stroll, a mouthwatering meal, a fair-trade coffee or an inspiring and conscious waterfront festival. Kaap de Groene Hoop literally translates into Cape of Green Hope and has been derived from the (in)famous South African Cape of Good Hope. After rounding the cape for the first time the Portuguese named South African’s southern tip The Stormy Cape. Only when medieval sailors realized the value of the unknown world beyond the clashing waves, they changed the name to Cabo da Boa Esperanca: Cape of Good Hope. Like the Tall Ships of the past, Kaap de Groene Hoop will definitely hit challenging waters, but it will always keep heading for an innovative and sustainable future.

Kaap de Groene Hoop